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Automated 3D Pallet Inspection

As palletizing operations become more automated, the need to ensure your pallets are suitable for use is more important than ever. Automated palletizing systems dispense pallets and those pallets often are loaded without verifying the condition of the pallet. In the warehouse, loads built on bad pallets can fall over creating spoilage, downtime, and serious safety hazards. Central distribution centers can receive pallets of all conditions and even different types of pallets including GMA, CHEP, and plastic pallets. IDI’s 3D Pallet Inspection and Sorting System has the ability to sort incoming pallets based on type and quality, classify them into user defined grades, and identify nonconforming pallets. Based on customer needs, we specify and provide the means of presenting pallets to the 3D Pallet Inspection System and stacking/sorting them. These methods may include pallet dispensers and stackers, conveyors, and/or using robots to pick pallets, present them to the inspection equipment, and place them on the appropriate stack for the pallet type and/or grade.